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See How They Go: Train

See How They Go Train

DK Preschool

Author: DK Publishing


Simple text and colorful pictures introduce young children to different kinds of trains. Includes a sheet of train stickers.
The author is DK Publishing and it was published on the 16th of February, 2009 by DK Preschool. The children's book features Railroad trains and it is considered smart juvenile literature. The book has 20 pages and it includes loads of colorfully illustrated pictures. It furthermore emphasizes Railroads.

Based on DK's successful animal-themed See How They Grow series, See How They Go gives young readers an up-close look at their favorite autos with dynamic images and basic text. Train takes an exciting appear at all types of trains, as they haul cars complete of goods and folks along the tracks. To add towards the fun, each title comes with a sheet of stickers featuring the autos from the book!


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