Train Books for Kids



HMH Books

Author: Chris L. Demarest


Rhyming text and illustrations depict the sights and sounds of a train ride.
Shopping for an impressive book? Train a great book! Written by Chris L. Demarest and the publisher is HMH Books. The book was released sometime in 1996. The board book children's book is centered on Railroad trains and is regarded as good fiction. The children's book is 16 pages long and it has a number of exquisitly colored illustrations, select the hyperlink below.

A big blue bus rolls along its route through the noisy city. With bold colors and brisk, rhythmic language, these energetic board books will enchant the youngest voyagers. A tubby vessel travels from shore to shore, tossed about on rolling waves, and a bright train clickety-clacks along the track. A red propeller plane flies over towns, rivers, mountains, and lakes, swooping and diving before coming in for a landing.


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