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Trenes/trains (pebble Plus: Maquinas Maravillosas/mighty Machines) (spanish Edition)


Capstone Press

Author: Matt Doeden

Searching for a remarkable children's book? Trains, Trains is a fantastic children's book. Written by Matt Doeden and the publisher is Capstone Press. It went on sale sometime in 2008. The children's book is centered on Railroad trains and is thought to be outstanding juvenile literature. At the library the reference number is TF148.D64 2009. The book has 2126 pages and it has exquisitly colored illustrations, click on the hyperlink below.

This set of Pebble Plus books explores a number of of the mightiest machines in town, in both Spanish and English. Large, dynamic photographs show the machines in action from dramatic angles and enable young readers to imagine themselves inside the driver's seat. Simple text explains the basics about these powerful machines, including their major parts and functions.


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